Sunday, 27 July 2008

Family and friends

Ewen made it to Milton Keynes on Saturday. His uncle had met up with him near Northampton, and walked along the canal with him. Meanwhile, Richard and Katy had got in touch with Lillian, who (many moons ago) had been his babysitter. (Yes, even Ewen was that young once!) Lillian met up with Ewen, and his uncle Hari, in Milton Keynes - and spirited them away to Houghton Conquest for the evening. There the chat went on till the small hours, and Lill observed that he looked well - but skinny. (But then she always thought that about us - she's never thought the Hardies eat enough.)
Back to the same spot on the canal in Milton Keynes, Sunday morning, where Ewen met up with Big Jim - a friend from Tring, who is walking the whole day with him - and will be his host on Monday night.

We're beginning to wind up for the arrival in London - watch this space!

Thanks to you all, for all the love and care you show our boy,

Richard and Katy


by the seaside said...

Good to hear of Ewens progress and also a relief to hear that he is still being taken care of along the way. Not long now.

When this journey comes to an end, I hope he doesn't start walking in his sleep!

Best wishes

Aline and Colin

angel said...

Lol, can you imagine that, Ewen could nod off in London and wake up in liverpool!!

Looking forward to seeing you reach your goal Ewen, we are all still here/with you.

Gos Bless. X x X x X

Murray said...

Hi Ewen

Stewart and I are meeting up with a group of BEST students, who will be directly benefitting from all you efforts, this coming Friday.

We've got a special card for you signed by us all as another wee momento for your scrap book, which we will post on Friday!

I told Nobel Peace Laureate, Prossessor Jody Williams about your walk when I met with her and Mia Farrow last week in Chang Mai!

Thinking globally - acting locally!

BEST wishes as always


Beth Gibbons said...

Following your inspirational travels avidly Ewen. Glad to know you have company and are being looked after at the moment.Best wishes for your safe arrival in London. A fellow Partners suppoerter Beth

fifi said...

Hi Richard & Katy,
We are glad Ewen meet up with Angus the other day, & i'ts good he has company & a host for today.(Mon)
Do you think Ewen will reach London before the 8th?
It sounds like he is making great progress.

Love, Fi & Boys.xx

Sarah Armitage said...

Hey Ewen,
Just so you know that you are not forgotten by all of us at Partners - keep up the good work, London is in view! I am coming to the UK early next year and would love to meet up with you.