Thursday, 31 July 2008


Ewen is passing Watford this evening (Thursday), and looking for somewhere to sling his hammock for the night. Tomorrow he aims to do the same, somewhere near Denham. On Saturday he has a longer walk from there to Brentford, where Ian, a friend he met further up the canal will be his host. (Thanks Ian.)

On Sunday he's agreed to set off along the path beside the Thames, from Brentford, at 10.00am.
This should bring him to Westminster Bridge by about 5.00pm. After that he'd like to attend Evensong at Westminster Abbey. This would mean he has travelled from the Scottish Parliament, to Holy Isle - Harnham Buddhist Monatery - York Minster - Westmister Abbey, and then to the Houses of Parliament and Downing St.

He will present his petition to Number 10 at noon on Monday 4th August.
So, if you haven't done so already, add your name to his petition, by clicking on “Comments” at the end of it, and simply adding your name (at Name/URL) and address in the comments box.

Join him along the river, or at the gates of Downing St. if you can.

If you're reading this -there's a fair chance that you're one of the people who has made this journey the success that it is. Prestige landmarks are important - but what has really mattered is the care, support, and hospitality of friends and total strangers. Your support to him has also been an expression of support for the Burmese people - and we know, from the comments on the blog and elsewhere, that it reaches all the way to Burma.

Heartfelt thanks for this,

Peace and Love,

Richard and Katy


fifi said...

Hi Richard & Katy,
Glad you managed to post on Ewen's blog!
Ewen has done so well to get to where he is, you, Katy & your family must be so proud of him, not forgetting Eleanor?!

The offer of a bed still stands for Ewen if he needs one at the end.

See you soon.

Love to all esp Ewen,

Fi, Andy & Boys. xxxx

angel said...

What a weekend this is going to be for Ewen, i really wish i could meet and walk with him but i wont be able to, though i will be thinking of Ewen and praying that he is watched over during this last 48hrs.
God Bless you Ewen and THANK YOU honey for all you have done.

Its going to be a Brill story to tell the great grandchildren...... ;-)

Colin & Rachel said...

Well done, Ewen.
You must be feeling a buzz now that the end is in sight.
I'm probably being a bit thick, but I cannot seem to find your petition. Is there a link somewhere?
Best wishes for the last section.
Colin & Rachel, Drummond.

by the seaside said...

Colin and Rachel


Scroll right down the current page, click on "Older posts" scroll down again till you come to "petition for uk government" click on that, then scroll down the list of names till you come to "post a comment" then just post your names on that and it will appear on the petition.

Good luck.

Linda Keys said...

Well done! Ewen!!! Can't wait to see you on your return! (Or in London, if you're still there on the 7th...)

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for the final leg (or foot!) of your journey - hope the sun shines! :) Take care
Schonaid and Andy

Ewen said...

Delighted you have got so far and thinking of you often

Marysia and David

Jim and Julie Maxon said...

What a fantastic achievement Ewen. In spirit we will be on Westminster Bridge and on Downing Street with you - unfortunately we are unable physically to be with you and we are very sad about that. However, we will definitely toast your arrival in London and we really look forward to meeting up with you again some time in the future.

Many many congratulations on your wonderful achievement and we are looking forward to buying a signed copy of your book when it comes out!

Jim and Julie Maxon

Aung Maw Zin said...

Dear Ewen,
I would like to say thanks for your FREEBURMA action. I am so proud of your freedom for people in Burma' sympathize mind. We Burmese people will remember for your success walking from Scotland to England for showing on highlight current situation in Burma. We are warmly welcome to your arrive time and support for your achievement.

U2V,(unity to victory)

ZAW ZAW AUNG (88GenerationStudent) said...

Hi Ewen,
Your welcome! So proud of you and keep carrying on your action to FREEBURMA.
I always remember of you.

with solidarity,
Zaw Zaw Aung.

T Zin said...

Hello Ewen,
I really thank you very much for your effort to raise awareness about Burma. I truly appreciate your endeavour to show that this is what you can do for Burma. For this triumph, I am sure, you will be hailed by those who want to congratulate you on your arrival. As a Burmese, I would like to say on behalf of Burmese people that your accomplishment is absolutely wonderful.

Thank you
Thant Zin OO

Murray and Stewart said...

BEST wishes and hope that you get the media coverage that your journey deserves...

We've tried to get GMTV involved, but emailing from the Burma border is harder than phoniong from Scotland.

Will be thin king of you tomorrow at 4pm our time at Downing Street.

Metta Sutta!

Murray and Stewart

ကိုထိုက္ said...

We will never forget about what you are doing right now for Burma. Thank you ever so much.

Best regards,
Ko Htike, U2V (unity to victory)

matt said...

Dear Ewen,

What a journey!

From the posts and messages listed here it is very clear that your efforts have provided inspiration and hope for many, many people. I hope the final stage goes well and look forward to seeing you very soon.

Best wishes to you and all those that have supported and helped you along the way. And I very much hope for a swift, peaceful and positive end to the suffering that those in Burma continue to face.

Big love,


sam 423 said...

good look for tomorrow Ewan. what an achievement mate. truly inspirational
Sam (the sugar loaf)!

sam 423 said...

good look for tomorrow Ewan. what an achievement mate. truly inspirational
Sam (the sugar loaf)!

fifi said...

Gool luck for Tomorrow Ewen, we are all thinking of you.

You have done an amazing thing.

All our love & hope to see you soon.

Fi, Andy & Boys. xxxx

wawa said...

Hello Ewen,
Thank you so much for your creative action of walking barefoot to honor the monks from Burma who actively took part in the movement to achieve the freedom and peace for Burmese people. You have done a wonderful job that I have never thought off. Congratulation and best of luck to you at 10 Downing. Thanks millions.

Nanda said...

Dear Ewen
As a burmese, I feel greatly indebted to you. For your support on Burmese long strike for freedom, we, burmese people, will ever stand by you.
" Please use your liberty to promote ours" by Aung San Su Kyii.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

My name is Alan Smith - head of news at Radio Tay. I know its very last minute but we're looking to speak to Ewen about his amazing walk today. If someone can reach Ewen and ask him to give us a call on 01382 423212 that would be most appreciated.


Alan Smith
Head of News
Radio Tay
01382 423212

The McInally's said...

Hi Ewan

What a fantastic achievement. We are very proud to know you. We congratulate you on reaching your goal.

Lots of luv

The McInally's

Anonymous said...

A message has been sent to Ewen re Tay Radio.



Ko Aung said...

Dear Ewen,

Really thank you for your support for our motherland.
Hope we will see brighter Myanmar in a short time.

Ko Aung