Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Last Known Whereabouts . . .

Just had a call for Ewen who has rested up on the Holy Isle of Lindisfarne and has spent a great day chilling out and going to Evensong. He hopes to get his journal up to date this evening which I will type up here after I have seen him at the weekend.

This is what his journey looks like for the next week or so:

02/07 Embleton
03/07 Amble
04/07 Morpeth
05/07 Harnham Budhist Monastary
06/07 Harlow Hill
07/07 Consett
08/07 Durham
09/07 Thorpe Thewles
10/07 Osmotherly (North York Moors)
11/07 Oulston
12/07 York
13/07 Selby

I'm sure he'd like to see some friendly faces at any point!

If you need to contact him quickly you could try calling me on 07984772818 or email me eleanor_morrison@hotmail.com



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