Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Last Known Whereabouts

Just had a call from Ewen who is heading for Thorpe Thewlesley tonight and hoping to be in Coxhoe arounf lunchtime. He has commented on how sleeping in a real bed makes such a difference to energy levels in the morning. Thanks to Janie and her family in Durham for looking after him!


Carole Seheult said...

Hi, I just met Ewen about 11am outside the Post Office at Bowburn. We stopped and had a chat and he told me about his pilgrimage. He is clearly a great guy and I wish him all the best. I will follow his journey on the net. Good Luck Ewen! Carole Seheult, High Shincliffe, Durham

by the seaside said...

Since meeting Ewen, we regularly check the blog for updates. It's good to hear that he is being looked after along the way.

May the kindness continue.

Best wishes

Colin and Aline

angel said...

Hoping you are ok Ewen, glad to hear people are looking out for you.
I am so glad you managed to get some decent sleep last night.
We are all behind you.

DRUMCAST said...

I'm checking your progress every day Ewen. It's looking unlikely that I'll be able to join you at some point, but I truly hope that you will be passing somewhere I know a contact, so that I can show some support in that way. The photos on this blog are fantastic!


Anonymous said...

Ewen has just been fed and watered and is looking in great shape.
Good to know that there's
people about who care.

What a nice bloke.

Alison Barry
The Crown

angel said...

Thanks for looking after *Our Boy* Alison. *Smile*