Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Last Weekend (5th and 6th July 08)

I met Ewen in Morpeth on Saturday and we had a very soggy walk on a combination of roads and footpaths. Saturday night we spent camped at a beautiful spot next to Bolam Lake. On Sunday we made our way to the Aruna Ratanagiri Buddhist Monastery in Harnham where we were provided with a lovely and much needed (particularly for Ewen) vegetarian lunch. Despite in the midst of a Silent Retreat for Lay people, Ewen was invited to take tea with the Abbot Ajahn Munindo while I was given a tour of the place and wowed by the meditation hall. It really is the most fantastic place and I would urge anyone to visit – I would like thank everyone there who showed such warm hospitality and made us feel so welcome. Ewen was given a beautiful necklace (pictured above) from a Burmese Monastery by Munindo and says he could have talked with the Abbot all afternoon, but we had to press on to Prudhoe. More wet walking on some really tough terrain for the old bare feet fuelled by chocolate brownies from the Monastery. I got my train from Prudhoe back to Edinburgh and Ewen continued to the Adam and Eve pub to fill up his water bottle before slinging up the hammock. The landlord invited him back the next morning for a bath and slap up breakfast! The walk continues to be a real mixture of highs and lows but Ewen is spurred on by everyone he meets.

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angel said...

Good to hear that people are caring for Ewen, give him hugs from us all and please tell him we Care about what he is doing, we are with him in spirit.

Anonymous said...


I am one of Myanmar people and I live in Yangon.I am very happy when I here your "Barefoot for Burma” campaign.So many of our people, will be very happy like me.

Thanks and Regards,