Monday, 7 July 2008

Photos from new friends along the way . . .

Thursday 3rd July

Taken by Colin and Aline in Amble


angel said...

Great Pictures thanks Colin and Aline.
The one as Ewen is heading off makes a lump come into my throat.

Sean W Thomson said...
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Sean W Thomson said...

Hey, tis Sean (carols sean) here. Heard what you were doing at jps birthday. I think its great, often I have felt frustrated by being unable to do anything against events outside of my control.

Alot of us feel that way, not many people stand up and do something - even if it wont change things in the short term, and I respect that you have. Hopefully along your journey will be able to raise awareness regarding this terrible situation.

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy it - see you at a future campsite.


(I noticed a typo and I couldnt find a way to edit - nor did I expect it to leave a "comment deleted notice", so sorry for the double post)

Forthview Visits Thailand said...

Great to see new photos in which you look well and happy, Ewen. Lovely to see you being offered such good hospitality on the way. Over here in Mae Sot, the Burmese we tell about you are greatly heartened that people in UK care. That means a lot to them. So take heart and keep going. Love Sheila and Geoff

Margaret said...

I'm a random person who saw Ewen in Durham on my way to work. For the benefit of people who know him, he said he'd had a comfortable night in a real bed and was feeling really rested and ready for more walking. Keep it up!