Thursday, 10 July 2008

A quick update from Ewen

I've just been looking at the blog and I want to thank Eleanor for all her efforts to keep it up to date. Thanks also to eveyone who has sent photos and written comments of support. It was also amazing to learn that we have two nights accommodation in York and that I have a meeting with the Arch Bishop.

I'm looking forward to spending a few nights in a real bed and things are looking up in this respect. Janie in Durham put me in touch with Robert and Philipa in Thorpe Thewles and they have sorted out a place for Eleanor, Manu and I on Friday night.

Robert walked with me this morning and left me about 2 miles short of Yarm at around 2-o-clock. It took me ages to get through Yarm as there were many interested people to speak with. I was walking through as the schools were coming out and I met with a woman and three kids on their way to their Grans. They were so into the story that I was presented with 5 sausage rolls. I ate a couple and stashed the others in my bag. They caught up with me a little later on and the two boys were walking bare foot!

I then walked on to the Crown Hotel in Kirklevington (about another mile). I went in to use the loo and was offered a pint when I came out. I've just enjoyed a great meal here and am so full that I'm going to struggle to move on. I've actually just turned down a desert and another pint! I'm going to struggle to get to Osmotherly tonight but I will certainly not need any food before bed so I can walk till late on. Many thanks to Barry and Alison and everyone else who gave me a warm welcome here at the Crown.

I'm going to hit the road again.
All the best,


angel said...

Wow that was lovely that those youngsters walked bare footed with you.
Love and Hugs Ewen.

Jon said...

Hey Ewen! Great to read your blog everyday and yes - Elanor is doing a great job! It's also great to hear all is going well for you and that you are getting so much support - at least thats how it seems. I get the feeling you are really enjoying yourself and we look forward to seeing you when you get further down south! Jon and Nikki xxx

James said...

Hey Ewen, it was great to see you on your way through Crathorne this evening. I hope you made it safely to Swainby and all the best on getting to York. James Reynolds (Hutton Rudby, North Yorkshire)

michael wilaon said...

hey ewen its michael the oldest boy who was walking bare foot with you i hope you make it safe to london and you have inspired me so much i have put a blog about it on myspace called bare feet for burma i hope you enjoyed youre meal and youre pint and our sausage roles when i went out to walk the dog i went out bare foot and i will tell every one at school about you and this campaign
much hope and love michael and david heather and katherine we all love you ;)

angel said...

Michael, I tried looking for your blog on myspace and couldnt find it?
I am so happy that you spent time with Ewen, thanks for caring and walking with him.
Bless you. Mwah.

by the seaside said...

Hello Ewen

You have inspired so many people!

May it continue all the way!

Best wishes

Aline and Colin

layaung said...

Hey Ewen, as a Burmese I am, I admire you. Keep well Ewen.

Richard said...

I am myanmar citizen.

Great Job! I really admire you and thank you so much!

God bless you and Take care your health.

Best wishes

Martin said...

hi Ewen, heard about Bare Feet for Burma from Emmanuelle,

I think what your doing is amazing, a challenge to cynisism and a powerful antidote to apathy.

As I have been feeling a little to much of both of these recently, I thankyou for inspiration and wish you well on you barefoot Journey.

Cheers, Martin (People First)

Stewart said...

Keep going Ewen. Have been following your journey. The money that you've been raising is already going into BEST's account! Fantastic. Murray and Sheila now on the Thai/Burma border at Hle Bee School.