Sunday, 29 June 2008

How to find me

If you fancy coming out and meeting me somewhere along the way you'll need to do a bit of detective work. First have a look on this post at my last know whereabouts. There will also be information about where I'm headed for and the places I'm traveling through. So far I've been walking between about ten in the morning and seven thirty at night. I think I'm averaging about 2 miles an hour but my pace varies according to the terrain. The other place where there may be useful information is if there are comments on this post. If you've seen me since this post was last updated please leave a comment that will help others to track me down.

Last known whereabouts - The anchorage near Cove
When - leaving at eleven-o-clock on 29/06/08
Headed for - hopefully Eyemouth but today could be a difficult one. I've walked off the end of the John Muir Way and the start of the next part of the North Sea Trail is not until Clodingham. I'm going to walk the first part of the Southern Upland Way but then follow the old road to Coldingham which I imagine will be tough on the feet. So far my soles are doing fine but I've got mosquito bites on the tops of my feet that have caused them to swell up like balloons. 

If I make it to Eyemouth tonight I'll be on track to reach Lindisfarne on Monday night. I'll be following the coastal path to Berwick and beyond. Fingers crossed.

Thanks a million to Gary and Pauline whose hospitality at the anchorage was truly first class.

See you on the trail.



Anonymous said...

received a text from Ewen at 13.21 on Sun 29th due to late start he was now at NT795702. following main road to Coldingham


Margaret said...
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pauline said...

Watching you on your way ewan, hope those feet are well and the bites are healing, great to see people are still willing to help others. WATCHING YOU ALL THE WAY!!!! pauline and gary The Anchorage