Thursday, 17 July 2008

A burst bubble? Let's hope not!

Got a call from Ewen last night who was in an unknown town a couple of miles from Scunthorpe. He had nowhere to put up his hammock and was really hungry - his supplies are almost out and no one was offering anything - he doesnt think it is within 'the rules' to ask. I had a text this morning to say he slept in a garage - not sure what the full story is there. He has been advised to avaoid the A15 and so is heading towards Gainsborough at the moment.

I think spirits are fairly down so if you or you know anyone who could maybe offer him some food, walk a little while or give him just a smile that would be cool. Please note that he has not asked me to do this - i can just tell he needs some love!

He will probably call me tonight so do leave a message via phone or email and I can pass it on.


Eleanor x


fifi said...

Hi Ewen,
Just sending you lots of Love & Hugs from all of us.
We are thinking of you daily, keep up the great work.

Take care & keep smiling.

All our love,

Fi, Andy, Ashley & Liam.xxxx

angel said...

Ewen, Bless you.
I wish i was near you, because i would be there in a flash,but because i am so far away is there anything i can do from here? maybe if you got to a B&B or a hotel i could pay for the room and dinner, i dunno what do you think Eleanor?

myshele said...

Dear Ewen,

I'm sending lots of love and comfort and support, wish I could help in a more practical way. I know you wanted to get by on the kindness of strangers, but what about the kindness of friends? Perhaps a small fund to help tide you over when strangers are less generous? Matching funds, half for Burma and half for Ewen? Or a box of home-made goodies for Eleanor to bring the next time she walks with you? It would be a shame to see the whole endeavour collapse because of a small dry spell -- it's been so inspiring to follow so far.

Eleanor, please let me know if Ewen would be willing to accept help from friends, and how I might be able to give you some money or a box of home-baked biscuits or something. Thanks!

Myshele (myshele @ gmail . com - no spaces)

Katy said...

Ewen is currently heading towards Gainsborough along the banks of the river Trent. He has had a cheese bun and a packet of crisps thanks to a pub along the way. We are trying to make contact with a friend who may have some connections in the area. To quote the Ewen himself "to-day is another day".

Sandie said...

Hi Ewen

Hang on in there.

I'm with Angel on this one - some of the Shabby Chic Forum girls would like to pay for a night in a B&B for you ... but we need to know where! We also need to know how we can do this.

Sandie (Wiltshire)

Sandie said...

This B & B is in Gainsborough - I wonder if it's on his route?

Sandie said...

Sorry forgot the link!

Julie and Jim Maxon said...

Remember in The Lord of the Rings when Sam carries Frodo - we hope that the love and prayers of both friends and strangers will carry you along your journey.
With love
Julie and Jim Maxon (Leeds) xx

Richard & Katy said...

Ewen is fine. He has made it to Gainsborough and is currently in the bath! whose we don't know. He has said he had a very easy day along the river bank and will call home later. Richard has been in touch with the local radio station and newspapers so hopefully we will get some coverage and alert the local population about his pilgrimage. Hang in there folks Ewen is a tough cookie he has been in some weird and wonderful scrapes over the years and always comes up smelling of roses.

by the seaside said...

Oh what a relief, we couldn't bare to think of him being cold and hungry and lonely.

Aline and Colin

by the seaside said...

Oops! just had to correct my spelling of BARE to BEAR in the above post!


Stephanie said...

Found this blog via Facebook group supproting Burma and am inspired by it. It Watford so can help at this stage but will be thinking of/praying for Ewen.

angel said...

Thank God he is being cared for.
Thanks for the update Richard &Amp.

Richard said...

I think the Amp crept in, as a bit of computer-speak for "ampersand". Happily, I'm married to Katy - not Amp!

angel said...

Sorry Katy, sorry Richard i was so excited by your post that i didnt read it properly.

Thanks again Richard & Katy

and not forgetting

little &Amp........... [Lol].

Ewen said...

Thanks to the Shabby Chic ladies for your kind offer of B and B but Ewen has informed me he's doing good but we call on you in an emergency. He's just about to update blog himself . . . . ! Yeah!

Eleanor x

fifi said...

We are also glad Ewen has made it to Gainsborough & enjoying a bath!
Good to hear from you too Richard & Katy, hope you & the rest of the family are doing well also?

Hope Ewen has a propper bed for the night?

Love Fi & Boys. xxxx