Thursday, 17 July 2008

Safe and Sound

Once again, thank you to Eleanor for all her work in keeping the blog up to date and to everyone who has been visiting and posting comments. It is always a source of encouragement when I get the chance to have a look and I see so much support being expressed.

There was so much energy around my walk into York that I found it very difficult to pick up the journey again after the weekend was over. From Durham to York I’d been very well looked after and it was a real treat to have a whole party to walk into York with. Then there was the meeting with the Dean and the service that followed where so many members of the congregation wanted to talk with me about the journey and to sign the petition. It was great to know that I’d completed half the journey and these things all came together to make it feel as though the whole thing had been about getting here.

I was bound to experience a bit of a come down after all that excitement and for the past couple of days I’ve passed through some pretty empty areas. When I have met people I’ve encountered a few blank expressions and while folks have been great at wishing me luck, they’ve been less forthcoming with actual help. Things hit a bit of a low last night when I found myself without a pitch or a meal at gone 10-o-clock.

However, a couple of hours later I was fed and watered in the Take a Gander pub in Burringham and they offered me a space on the garage floor. It was not luxurious but it was dry and I was glad of it.

Today has been an altogether different story. The walking has been easy as I’ve been following the river and the bank is grassy and thistle free. I also had a great encounter with the staff at the Ferryhouse Inn where I was treated to a coffee and a cheese roll. When I was walking along the river bank a little later on I wondered if it was the food or the meeting that had re-energised me and decided that the latter was more important. I had gone without a proper meal until very late on the day before but the truth is I have never been really hungry at any point along the way. The thing that I’d been missing was the chance to share the story with an appreciative audience.

I got the chance again only a few miles later on and I am now enjoying the hospitality of Julie and Paul in Gainsborough.

Thank you to everyone who displayed so much concern after Eleanor posted the news of my low spirits but I assure you I am not yet in need of emergency aid. Like all journeys this one will have its ups and downs. Just now I am warm, safe, well fed and watered and looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow I head along the river to Newark on Trent.

Peace be with you all,



by the seaside said...

It's really good to hear that things have picked up for you, we were all concerned. Hope you find good company on the next part of your journey.

Best wishes

Aline and Colin

Jim and Julie Maxon said...

Really pleased to read your positive update and glad that you are safe, well and full of enthusiasm for the next part of your journey. We really will try to see you in London.
Jim and Julie

fifi said...

Hi Ewen,
We are really glad that things have picked up for you again & that you are more positive.
Good luck for your next part of your journey.

Take care,
Fi, Andy, Ashley & Liam.xxxx

Stewart said...

Ewen. Glad that things better now than the other day. Have been following you faithfully on the blog. The money that you are raising is coming into the charity account regularly so good on you! You are doing so well. May not be with you in body but am here in spirit as are so many people. Try to comfort yourself with that thought when things not so good.

Sandie said...

Wish I weren't so far away from your route but am sending my best wishes for your journey - you are doing so well. Incidentally, probably as a result of your blog, I have had a very sweet comment on my blog from a Burmese born Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka .... who sends me his blessing, which I in turn send on to you and Eleanor.

Linda Keys said...

Hi Ewen,
Well done! Past the halfway point! And indeed, there was bound to be a wee comedown after all of that excitement, but I'm glad (if not surprised) to hear that you have remained positive and picked yourself and your poor feet up again!
I'm so impressed with what you are doing - it is so worthwhile and a bigger gesture than most people would be motivated enough to make... I must reluctantly include myself in that.
Keep going!!

Jon said...

Hi Ewen, read your blog every day and am very much with you in spirit... trust you will continue to enjoy your journey. I am certain that when it is completed you will look back with so many awesome memories. See you soon.... blessings, Jon

angel said...

Im so glad you are feeling more on top Ewen, i keep you in thoughts and prayers, daily.
Thanks for taking the time to let us know you are ok.

Andrew Jones said...

what to say - you rock man!!
I don't know you well but am so proud to know you! Sorry I can't be with you in any part of this journey but am with you in spirit. Thinking of you and looking forward to hearing your stories.
May the gods bless you hugely