Friday, 18 July 2008

More York Pics (Manu)

Eleanor, Helen, Monty, Ewen, Pierre, Mark

The path to York

Eleanor tries out Ewen's Hammock

Giant strawberry stop!

Yes! Halfway.


Ashin Mettacara said...

Dear Ewen, I want to interview you someday by gtalk. I have already invited you.

graham said...

Hi there brother! I have to admit to having only just caught the full story, my utmost appologies! However you have never been far from my thoughts and you'll be amazed at how effective the good old grape vine is at keeping us Luddites informed. I have been wrestling with my diary trying to figure out how I can come and walk with you, I particularly wanted to see you cross the finish line but I'm afraid there simply isn't enough pages in there. It is a joy to see you looking and sounding so well, the support which has seen you to this point from everyone whoes comments are here, and doubtless from many other silent strangers is as much an inspiration as you are. Keep well, keep smiling, but most importantly KEEP WALKING. Lots of love to you my friend, The Shademaster Phil.
PS. I get most of my info from The Salmonmoose....he's never far away!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic - more than halfway there.
I am sure I can speak for all your friends and supporters at DCHS in saying it is wonderful to see you looking and doing so well.
All power to you.