Friday, 18 July 2008

Child Soldiers in Burma

Please please follow the link below and watch the Reuters film about Child Soldiers in Burma (please be patient with the skateboarding clip beforehand!?):

This link is to the Human Rights Watch website and has more information on child soldiers all over the world.

This subject is particularly close to my heart as I have directed a play with my Salmagundi Theatre Company (WLYT) that explores these issues:


It’s 2022…civil war divides us…there’s no place for innocence…

Monsters is set in Livingston in 2022, in the kind of future that we hope will never happen in Scotland, but which is reality for far too many children and young people all over the world.

Stephan’s gang has been hiding out in a disused hall while, up in the Bathgate Hills a civil war rages between the Monster’s Militia and the British Government Army. The war has been fought over the past four years but Stephan and his gang don’t really know anything about why or how it started. Then Roxy finds them with her gang of escaped child soldiers. Roxy (16) has been fighting since she was twelve years old and has finally found her chance to escape. She can’t afford to let Stephan and his gang of innocents get in her way. But the fighting is getting closer and the Monster Army want their soldiers back …

The show Monsters (by Clare Duffy) will be on during the first week of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

Main Stage at the Roxy Arthouse
Monday 4th - Saturday 9th August
1.25pm (75mins)
It is being supported by Amnesty International and we hope to have a post show discussion.

It is also on at:
Aberdeen International Youth Festival
Arbroath Webster Theatre, Arbroath
Wednesday 30 July 2008

The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen
Thursday 31 July 2008
Friday 1 August 2008
For more information and to book tickets please contact Aberdeen box office on 01224 641122 or online

Please do come and support it!


Ashin Mettacara said...

Child soldiers are being used by the junta is not new to us. Long Long Ago.

by the seaside said...

Eleanor, perhaps bump the "justgiving" page each time it disappears from the current one in case it is missed by people.