Monday, 14 July 2008

Last Known Whereabouts

Ewen is camped up in Heron Wood 8 miles south of York and about 7 miles away from Selby. He hopes to be in Selby by 11 ish tommorrow morning. He will be following the east bank of the river following the Trans Penine Way to Boothsferry where he will cross the river at Boothsferry Bridge. Ewen will then follow the A614 to Goole and will camp up in a place a bit beyond Goole in Swinesfleet. The next few days destinations look like this:

Tuesday 15th - Swinesfleet

Wednesday 16th - Scawby (just beyond Scunthorpe on Roman Road camping in New Forst Plantation

Thursday 17th - Lincoln (following the A15 Roman Road)

Friday 18th - Ancaster (on The Viking Way)

Any help/ support / advice gratefully received. Ewen is in particular need of OS maps for the areas as he has directions written down but these can be unreliable. if you can meet him with a map for the area and a stamped addressed envelope, he can post it back to you when he's walked off it!



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Kerry and Matt said...

Matt and I met Ewen on the York-Selby cycle path just outside the woods. His passion for his cause is truly humbling and his experiences on this journey are an inspiration to the world-weary. We wish him speedy progress and good luck on the journey and hope our donation will help.
Kerry and Matt