Monday, 14 July 2008

Photos of the weekend (Julie and Jim)

(from left) Mark, Manu, Pierre, Ewen and Jim

Ewen and Julie (carrying the rucksack!)

On the move. A rare and welcome bit of soft grass, bliss!

"can't we have rest?" The slave driver and the weary

Team York arriving at the City Walls

Eyes on the prize, well earned trophies


Anonymous said...

Ewen and Eleanor: what an experience you are both having. I can't continue reading as the tears are flowing down my face with your moving accounts. Your York weekend will stay with you for ever.
Keep up your great work and efforts
Cath F

Anonymous said...

Hi Ewen

It was great to meet you on Monday evening as you approached the woods to camp for the night.

What a great thing it is you are doing. I will watch your progress on your blog with great interest and wish you well for the remainder of your adventure.

Matt Gillies (York)