Tuesday, 12 August 2008

FCO mark 20th Anniversary

During the meeting I attended at the foreign and commonwealth office last Tuesday I was told that there were plans to mark the anniversary of the 08/08/88 massacre - but not until later in the week. This, I was told, was not due to an unwillingness to sound a discordant note on the opening day of China's big party. Rather it was a strategic move aimed at securing at least some press coverage - something that would have been unlikely on the 8th.

I've been looking out for the FCO statement and have just found it. It can be read here.

Has anyone found anything about it in our national papers?

I’m still finding post walk life a little hard to get my head around but I’m getting there. I’m wondering how best to use the blog now that there is no longer a need for posting daily updates. Several people have sent photos that are yet to go up, the Human Rights TV videos will soon be embedded, and I will continue to post links to other sources of information about the human rights situation in Burma. I've just added a gadget that allows you to subscribe to the blog. This done you'll receive a message whenever there's something new to look at. Please do keep visiting.

Perhaps the most encouraging thing that I heard at the FCO was that the government appreciates the role of civil society (campaign groups, Burmese in exile, and individuals) in keeping the situation visible. On some other issues these groups may be considered a pest but on this one our contribution is valued. As we are all aware our own media is unlikely to return to Burma unless there is another major event. This makes it all the more important that we utilize other sources of information and that we keep the people of Burma in our hearts and minds.

Watch this space

All the best,


Julie and Jim Maxon said...


It looks like the FCO press release was only issued today so perhaps it will receive some publicity in tomorrow's papers (ie. Wednesday 13th). Let's hope so.

In terms of the blog, so many people have been used to visiting it regularly over the last few weeks and we are sure everyone will continue to do so to see how you are getting on.

Take care and give yourself time to adjust to life after the walk - it is bound to be an emotional time for you.

Julie and Jim (Leeds)

by the seaside said...

You will need time to adjust Ewen, you can't do something as big as this and then just slip back to normal life straight away.

We will still be checking your blog regularly.

Best wishes

Aline and Colin

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