Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Freedom Flag flies in Downing St

Lillian, (now official photographer for Barefeet for Burma!), has sent us these. Enjoy them - you deserve it.

Richard and Katy


fifi said...

Oh what great Photo's!

Good luck & safe journey Home Ewen.

Hope to see you on Sunday?

Have a great Wedding Sheena1


Fi, Andy & Boys. xxxx

by the seaside said...

Great to see you at your destination.

Aline and Colin

Wai said...

Thanks a lot mate! Well done :)

Jack said...

Latest upload of video


Ka Daung Nyin Thar said...

Thank you so much, Mr Ewen.

We really don't know how to thank someone who has done so much and yet not a Burmese.

I congratulate you for your 500 miles barefeet walk. I can feel your sympathy towards us out of your heart.

Dancing Peacock

Anonymous said...

great to see you made: and what a story to tell.
Cath F

Anonymous said...

Well done Ewen, what a terrific journey you've made both physically and mentally. Enjoy the rest!
Schonaid and Andy

Stephanie said...

Well done and thanks for such an inspiring effort. I've enjoyed following your blog. Sorry I wasn't in Watford when you passed through or I'd have tried to meet you along the canal (which passes less than a mile from my home!)